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Minecraft External Storage Update on Android

Minecraft on Android is required to update the location used for external storage of your data. There are some important effects of this change that Android players should consider when choosing to use External Storage with Minecraft!

As of the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update, users who have selected External Storage in their Profile settings will be prompted to migrate their data when they first launch Minecraft. This is a one-time migration of your data and worlds from the existing external storage location to the new location.

Cleaner Applications

A small number of Android devices ship with a “cleaner” application or may have one manually installed by the device user. Cleaner applications attempt to improve device performance by regularly terminating processes and deleting files. By default, some devices may schedule this cleaning to occur overnight, in the background, without user interaction.

These applications may mistakenly delete files migrated by Minecraft on Android, causing the newly migrated worlds to be destroyed. This will destroy any gameplay progress in the migrated world, and restart the migration process on the next launch. The Android operating system has built-in resource management, and cleaner applications may cause stability and performance problems with Minecraft.

If you have a cleaner application installed on your device, it is recommended that you do one of the following: remove the application, prevent it from cleaning files, or create an exception for Minecraft so that files are not deleted.

Uninstalling Minecraft

Uninstalling Minecraft will now delete all data associated with Minecraft, including your worlds. On some devices running Android 10 and above, you may be presented with an option to keep your data when uninstalling. If you receive this prompt, we recommend that you select this option to preserve your worlds. Please note that not all devices running Android 10 and above are guaranteed to show this prompt. We recommend that you perform full backups of your phone’s data frequently to avoid unexpected data loss. 

Last Updated - 2022-12-10 09:45:37 UTC

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