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Caves & Cliffs Part II: Upgrading Existing Worlds

What’s changing with the new update?

The Caves & Cliffs: Part II update brings a lot of exciting changes to Minecraft, including increased height and depths to new and existing worlds. New worlds will automatically be generated with these new dimensions. Meanwhile, your existing worlds will be updated to have increased height and depth.

How do I update my world? 

On Bedrock Edition, once you have updated to 1.18 and go to load up an existing world, you will be shown a prompt and asked if you would like to make a backup copy of that world. If you do want to make a backup, be sure to hit the prompt and then click through to update your world and start playing. 


Note: Bedrock Edition Creators should note that to take advantage of new world generation below y=0 in non-version locked worlds, there must be a bedrock layer at y=0.

Players upgrading in Java Edition can upgrade by downloading update 1.18 and opening their
existing worlds from previous releases.

How does this impact my existing worlds?

The update will add more vertical space to your existing worlds in two places: 

  • Above the highest regions of the overworld
  • Under the deepest regions of the overworld

This means that there’s a lot more world to explore! You can build higher, allowing for even larger builds that push the limits of your imagination. 

The bedrock layer previously at y=0 will be replaced with deepslate, and you will then be able to dig even deeper, with the chance of discovering the new cave types and underground biomes introduced in this update. Players should also note that doing this will not overwrite previously explored areas.

For more information on the changes happening to world height and depth, terrain generation, cave generation and more, head over to our dedicated Caves & Cliffs Part II FAQ article.

I have upgraded my world but still see bedrock at y=0 instead of deepslate. Why is this happening?

Players who have opened a world with the Caves & Cliffs Experimental Toggle enabled when bedrock was still generating at y=0 will not receive new world generation features below saved chunks. To enable new world generation features below saved chunks in this scenario, we recommend opening a backup copy of that world from before the toggle was activated if there is one available.

What happens when I load new chunks in a previously saved world?

New chunks loaded in previously in Java Edition worlds and Bedrock Edition infinite type worlds will contain the new world height, new cave generation under y=0 and other world generation features included in the Caves & Cliffs Part II update. The areas between your previous explored and newly explored chunks will also blend seamlessly, creating smooth transitions across the terrain.

What happens to flat worlds when they are updated to Caves & Cliffs Part II?

Existing flat worlds that are updated to Caves & Cliffs Part II will be extended to y-64, with the newly added space underneath the bedrock layer at y=0 being filled with air.

Newly created flat worlds will differ slightly, with the bedrock layer now beginning at y-64 alongside the usual layer of dirt and grass block. Air will then fill the rest of the space up to y=319.  


Flat Worlds in 1.18 - left: Upgraded world, right: Newly created world


What happens to Bedrock Edition "old" style worlds with the Caves & Cliffs Part II update?

“Old” type worlds will not be affected by the update and will continue to use pre-Caves & Cliffs Part II world generation. Players should also note that we will be removing the option to create “Old” type worlds when Caves & Cliffs Part II releases. Please read the dedicated FAQ page for more information.

How does this affect Marketplace templates? 

Most worlds created from Marketplace templates will not be upgraded to Caves & Cliffs Part II. For more information about what determines whether a world is upgraded see our article on base game versioning 

Why am I being asked to back up my world before updating to Caves & Cliffs Part II?

Due to the number of changes that will affect existing worlds updated to 1.18, it is recommend that players who have worlds they are especially attached to make a backup copy if something goes wrong, or they end up wanting to revert to pre-1.18 world generation features.

I’m still unsure about what to do! 

If you still don’t know what to do or are experiencing any issues, feel free to reach out to our customer support team through the Minecraft Help Center

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