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Caves & Cliffs Part II FAQ


The Caves & Cliffs Update is one of our most ambitious Minecraft updates yet! Alongside the new blocks, mobs and items that were introduced in Part I (1.17), Caves & Cliffs Part II (1.18) focuses on sweeping changes to how the world will generate around and below you.

This FAQ covers important information related to Caves & Cliffs Part II, including what is happening with seeds and existing worlds. For a full list of features and fixes in Caves & Cliffs Part II, take a look through the full release changelogs:

Note: We will continue to update this FAQ with important information

Will I be able to update my existing worlds with the new Caves & Cliffs Part II world generation?

Yes, you can. In Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, players with will be able to upgrade their existing worlds with Caves & Cliffs Part II features, including new world and terrain generation. To find out more, please read our dedicated World Upgrading FAQ page.

Have there been improvements to seed parity in this update?

There will be approximate seed parity between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. This means that a seed will give players roughly the same terrain layout and biome placement whether you’re on Java Edition or Bedrock Edition, although expect some differences between the smaller details in the world.

Why are my world sizes increasing with this update and by how much?

Due to changes such as increased world height and depth, increased explorable space below y=0 and to how biomes are generated, Caves & Cliffs Part II will increase the amount of space Vanilla worlds use on your device.

In Bedrock Edition, marketplace templates and other version-locked worlds that do not update to version 1.18 will not have a change to their size on disk.

Please note that although world sizes are increasing, that does not mean that the total app size is increasing by the same magnitude.

How are old seeds affected by the update?

Old seeds will still work when creating a new world after this update but will look very different, taking advantage of the new world generation features and changing the player spawn position.

Creators should note that if they are version locked to an old version of the game their seeds will work the same, however, if they want to base their content on 1.18, they should not expect the same results.

Are custom biome packs compatible with Caves & Cliffs Part II worlds?

New world generation in Caves & Cliffs Part II is currently incompatible with the ‘Creation of Custom Biomes’ experiment. In this release, expect worlds with custom biome generation to be stable, however custom biomes will only exist in currently saved areas of the world. Unsaved areas will see Caves & Cliffs world generation.

Players should be aware that we are planning to address this incompatibility issue in the future.

Are the Deep Dark and Warden coming out with Caves & Cliffs Part II?

As we announced during Minecraft LIVE this year, the Deep Dark biome, along with sculk blocks and the Warden will be released with the Wild Update, coming next year. If you want to try out some of the features, they are available behind the “Vanilla Experiments” toggle. Follow this guide to activate the toggle.




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