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Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures FAQ

What are Seasonal Adventures?

Seasonal Adventures are themed events in Minecraft Dungeons. Join weekly challenges to earn Adventure Points and work towards unlocking exclusive rewards, available through an all-new progression system. These rewards change with each new season and include everything a blocky hero might need: from precious pets and fashionable flairs to emphatic emotes and captivating cosmetics. Once per season, you can also purchase an optional Adventure Pass for $3.99 USD, which gives you additional, exclusive cosmetic rewards to unlock as you play.

Check out the Introduction to Seasonal Adventures video for a deep-dive on the new features!

What’s new with the release of Cloudy Climb?

Cloudy Climb is the first of Minecraft Dungeons’ Seasonal Adventures, released on December 14, 2021.

A new progression track has been introduced, allowing you to unlock new cosmetics like capes, skins, emotes, pets, and flairs. While you expand your collection, prove your worth by climbing the Tower – a mysterious and replayable structure that puts your skill to the test through several floors of challenging content.



What is the Tower?

The Tower is a new, singleplayer gameplay area available for all players as part of the free Cloudy Climb update.

In the Tower, the player controls an avatar: a character that initially has no gear, but slowly collects it through a selection of rewards you earn as you progress. The Tower itself has many different floors, with each one harder than the previous one, and the goal is to make it as high up as you possibly can.


The Tower is home to both familiar mobs and bosses from Minecraft Dungeons – but also a few new foes as well. Not all Tower inhabitants are hostile and some of them will help you along your way up by modifying the gear that you collect. They can increase the power of it, upgrade it to a unique variant, or gild it.

The Tower’s floors will change every few weeks, which gives you a limited window to master its current layout.

For a more in-depth overview of the Tower, see the Tower Scour article on Minecraft.net!

How do the new cosmetics work and what types are there?

There are several new types of cosmetic rewards available with Seasonal Adventures that you can be applied to your character you’re the Cosmetics tab of the inventory screen.


Skins - The base appearance of characters

Capes - Extra cosmetic items worn by characters

Emotes - Animated expressions, like dances, that players can trigger

Pets - Non-combat pets that will follow you through the world

Flairs - Visual effects that can be triggered when drinking a potion, defeating an enemy, and more

These new cosmetics cannot be purchased separately and can only be earned by progressing through Adventure Ranks.

How do Adventure Points work and how are new rewards earned?

Adventure Points are gained through regular gameplay or by completing weekly challenges in the game. The more points you earn, the higher your Adventure Rank becomes (up to Adventure Rank 50), unlocking even greater rewards. Adventure Points and Adventure Rank must be gained through gameplay and cannot be purchased.


Accessing the Adventure Hub from The Camp allows you to see your current progress towards rewards and challenges. There is a free track of rewards that is available to all players, as well as a premium track that is available to those who have purchased the Season 1 Adventure Pass.

Adventure Rank is tied to your game account and is not specific to a single character.

What is the benefit of purchasing an Adventure Pass?

In addition to the free reward track, purchasing an Adventure Pass grants access to even more rewards that can be earned in-game. With Season 1, there are 35 free rewards and 50 premium rewards.

If a player unlocks several Adventure Ranks on the free track and then purchases the Adventure Pass, the premium rewards for all earned Adventure Ranks are retroactively unlocked.

Do Seasonal Adventures end or expire?


While some portions of Seasonal Adventures change, such as Tower layouts, Adventure Passes do not expire. When another Seasonal Adventure begins, you will still be able to earn rewards from the previous Seasonal Adventures without the fear of missing out!

The active season can be changed in the Adventure Hub so you can still earn rank and rewards from previous seasons. Setting the season in the Adventure Hub will make all Adventure Points go toward ranking up in the selected season!

Do Adventure Passes transfer between platforms?

An Adventure Pass is only active on the platform it was purchased on. However, your progress is shared across platforms.

Any unlocked premium cosmetics are tied to the Adventure Pass. If a character is transferred to another platform using cloud saves and the Adventure Pass is not owned on that platform, the cosmetics will not be equipped on the character.

Are Seasonal Adventure passes sold individually?

Each Seasonal Adventure Pass will be sold separately and are active only for the platform they are purchased on.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to unlock rewards?

Yes, you must be connected to the internet to gain rewards. Additionally, you need an active internet connection to start a new Tower run.

To ensure you’re connected to online services, go to the pause menu and select Connectivity Status. From this menu, you can ensure you’re properly connected.

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