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Buy Minecraft PC Bundle, Get Both Games!

Note: Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC is here! For more information on the product, please refer to this FAQ.

What’s happening? 

Coming Summer 2022 (Northern Hemisphere's summer), new purchases of Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft for Windows (the PC version of “Bedrock Edition”) will be offered as a bundle for one price. At this release, existing owners of either game will be granted an entitlement to download both games on one Microsoft account.  

If you are still accessing Minecraft: Java Edition on a Mojang account, you must first migrate to a Microsoft account to take advantage of this offer.  

Will previous purchases be eligible for this offer? 

Current owners of Minecraft: Java Edition or Minecraft for Windows will be eligible if either game is owned on your Microsoft Account. 

If I already own one of the two games, how will I be able to redeem this offer to get the other game? 

To redeem the version of the game you don’t yet own when the offer goes live, visit the Microsoft Store, and click “get” on the new bundle at no additional charge. 

What platforms does this apply to? 

This offer relates to PC platform only – including Mac, Linux, and Windows. Xbox, mobile, and other consoles are excluded. All PC platform players will receive a Minecraft: Java Edition entitlement if they own Minecraft for Windows, and vice versa. Minecraft: Java Edition will still be playable on Mac, Linux, and Windows OSs (Operating Systems), and Minecraft for Windows will remain playable only on Windows 10/11. 

More details, including the exact timing of this offer, will become available as we get closer to release! 

Last Updated - 2023-02-03 10:34:51 UTC

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