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Lacoste Build Challenge

Have you ever wanted to see your Minecraft builds in the real world? Now is your chance – Minecraft is teaming up with the Lacoste Foundation, Sport Dans la Ville, and our awesome community of players to bring a new youth holiday center to life in France!

As a foundation partner of Lacoste, Sport Dans la Ville accompanies young people on their way to success; through sport, they transmit important values for personal development and professional integration. Their mission is to promote equal opportunities. With this unique vacation and training center, Sport dans La Ville will provide youths with moments of discovery, sports practice, creativity, and more. 

Interested Minecraft Bedrock Edition players will have the opportunity to express their own creativity in designing the tennis court. Participants will be given pictures of the infrastructure renovation project and will then be set free to build something great! The Lacoste Foundation and Sport Dans la Ville juries will later select a winner and document the renovation process as the virtual build becomes reality. 

Here’s how you can participate: 


  • Step 2: Within the Croco Island map, find a Crocodile and click ‘Build Tennis’ to teleport into the tennis court template.  

  • Step 3: Using only non-modded Minecraft blocks (e.g., no custom shaders, textures, etc.), show us your most creative original designs in the template.  
    • We are looking for those that best represent a sense of "Playful, Collective Spirit & Youth". 
  • Step 4: Make sure your designs only utilize Minecraft brands, logos, or characters. No other branding will be allowed - only what is found in or related to Minecraft!
  • Step 5: Take a screenshot of your design and share it on Twitter.
    • Tag @Minecraft and @Lacoste 
      • Make sure your Twitter is public so that we can see your entry! 
      • Also ensure that you enable the option to receive Direct Messages from anyone, so that the Lacoste team can contact you if you’ve won.

If you aren’t sure how to take or share a screenshot, please consult the operating manual for whichever device you’re using. Instructions for some of the most common devices are linked below:

Last Updated - 2022-12-07 23:36:42 UTC

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