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Minecraft Checkout Instructions and FAQ

Note: Minecraft has a new purchasing flow based on your device. If you're looking to buy any version of Minecraft, please check out one of these two articles:

There’s a new, more inclusive way to buy Minecraft! From now on, anyone from anywhere in the world can buy Minecraft in just a few steps via Minecraft.net using their local payment methods. 

Minecraft Checkout Process 

1. Navigate to the Minecraft.net website and select the Base Game or the Starter Collection, then click Buy. 


2. If you have a Microsoft Account, you’ll be prompted to sign in. If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, you must create one before purchasing the game. 

3. After creating or logging into your account, you’ll be brought to the payments method page. Select your region from the drop-down list. 


4. Add a payment method in the section below. If you already have a payment method added to your Microsoft account, it will appear here.  


5. Review and confirm your payment information, then select Buy. 

6. The purchase will process, and you’ll be taken to a download page. Click Download for Windows and the game will begin downloading!  


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I buy Minecraft without a Microsoft account? 

You cannot buy Minecraft without a Microsoft account. To buy and play the game, you’ll need to create a Microsoft account before making the purchase. 

Do I need to buy Minecraft if I already have Game Pass? 

Nope! Minecraft and Minecraft: Java Edition are both included in Game Pass, though if you choose to buy one version you will get the other for free. To access Minecraft via Game Pass, head to the Game Pass app and download the Minecraft Launcher, log in, and choose which version of Minecraft you’d like to play. 

If you’d like to buy Minecraft regardless, follow the steps up above. 

Can a child Microsoft account buy Minecraft? 

By default, a child Microsoft account cannot buy Minecraft. If a child Microsoft account attempts to buy Minecraft, they will not be allowed to, and an e-mail will be sent to the linked parent Microsoft account for the parent or guardian to approve. The child account will receive an email confirming the purchase upon the parent account’s authorization. 

A parent Microsoft account can authorize a child account to make purchases. If that is the case, a child Microsoft account can purchase Minecraft using a connected payment method. 

Note: if a parent buys Minecraft for a child account, the purchase will show up in the parent account purchase history, not the child’s account purchase history. 



Last Updated - 2022-12-09 07:56:34 UTC

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