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Minecraft: Java Edition Realms Cancellation for Users Without a Microsoft Account FAQ

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Minecraft has moved on from Mojang accounts and has migrated them over to Microsoft Secured Accounts (MSAs) to add better security and safety features. This is a required process, and as a result, accounts that do not migrate will see that their subscriptions will be canceled at their next billing period. 

If you haven’t migrated your account and your Java Realms subscription has been canceled, this guide is for you. Here, we’ll discuss why your subscription was canceled and what happens to your Minecraft Java Realm after your subscription cancellation. But don’t worry. After you migrate, your account will be more secure, and you can get your Java Realm back!  

Note: If you’re looking to solve a Java Edition Realm billing issue, use this guide instead. 

Minecraft: Java Edition Realms Cancellation for Users Without a Microsoft Account FAQ

I haven’t migrated my Minecraft account, and my Realms subscription has been canceled. 

If you haven’t migrated your Minecraft: Java Edition account by June 28, 2022, we will be canceling your Java Realms subscription upon the next billing cycle. Your Realm will still exist if you do not migrate, and you can access it again after migrating your account and resubscribing to Realms.  

However, if your subscription has lapsed for 18 months, your Realm will be deleted from Minecraft servers and will remain unrecoverable. To regain full access to your Realm subscription, you must migrate and resubscribe. You will also need to migrate if you’d like to download your world to save it on your device for local play. 

My Realms subscription was canceled, but I have since migrated my account. How do I resubscribe to my Realm? 

Now that you’ve migrated your Mojang account, there are two ways to resubscribe to your Realm.

  1. Navigate to the ‘My Wallet’ page in your Minecraft Profile and click the ‘reactivate’ button. 
  2. Launch the game and click on the Minecraft Realms button. Click on the ‘Renew’ button next to the expired Realm. This will take you to the ‘Get Realms’ section of your online profile.  

I will not be migrating my account. Does this mean I can’t use any part of Java Realms? 

Correct. You will no longer have access to any part of Java Realms if you do not migrate your account. 

I have unredeemed Realms tokens. Can I still use them for my Java Edition Realms subscription? 

Yes. Previously, you could redeem Realms tokens through your Minecraft profile. However, Minecraft has shifted to a new Profile management method and now requires you to go through Minecraft Support to redeem your Realms tokens.  

Note: You will still need to migrate to an MSA to redeem your Realms tokens. 


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