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Minecraft: Java Edition Player Reporting FAQ

Why player abuse reporting? 

Why has this feature been implemented? 

  • Ensuring the safety of Minecraft players is at the heart of why we are releasing Player Reporting in Java. Without human moderation, online communities can become unwelcoming, harmful, or in some cases, dangerous to the security of individual players. We need to provide safeguards that will help keep all our players safe and welcome in the online environments where they play Minecraft. Player Reporting will help to keep Minecraft communities free from hate speech, bullying, harassment, sexual solicitation, and personal threats. We believe that human moderation and community guidelines are critical to reducing harmful behavior and promoting healthy Minecraft online communities. 

What can I be banned for? 

Can I get banned for cussing or swearing? 

  • No, we will not ban players just for swearing or profanity. The type of behavior that will get you banned is hate speech, bullying, harassing, sexual solicitation, or threatening others. Hate speech is talk that is intended to offend, insult, intimidate, or threaten an individual or group based on a trait or attribute, such as sexual orientation, religion, color, gender, or disability. These behaviors will have the consequence of a temporary suspension or permanent ban depending on the severity and frequency. 

Can I get banned for what I say in singleplayer? 

  • Player abuse reporting is only available in multiplayer sessions where players can send chat to each other. 

Will you ban people for talking about suicide? 

  • No. We care deeply about our players and if we are informed about a threat of imminent harm, we attempt to provide players in crisis with support resources in times of need. 

Why does Mojang need to be involved in third-party server player reporting? Why not just Realms? 

  • All Minecraft players should expect the Minecraft Community Guidelines to apply to their Minecraft experience. We strive to ensure that all online play is safe and inclusive, but not all servers provide players with a way to report or resolve violations of those guidelines. Player Reporting is an additional resource for players who experience abuse, which can happen on any multiplayer Minecraft session, including private servers.
  • Server owners are free to act if a player reports a concern through server-provided means, but the player report review process is complicated and time-consuming work.  Not all server owners have the resources to investigate reports, but we have a team of human moderators dedicated to reviewing all player-submitted issues.
  • We have worked closely with a group of community-run Java server operators to get their early feedback on this feature. Their testing has been invaluable in making sure player reporting will work for server owners.


What does it mean to be “banned/suspended”? 

  • For the duration of your ban, you will not be able to connect to multiplayer servers or Realms on past, current, and future versions of Minecraft.
  • You will still be able to play in singleplayer.

Will I know why I have been banned? 

  • The reason, and duration of a ban will be displayed on the ban screen when launching the game from version 1.19.1 onward. 
  • For older versions, the ban reason will be stated when attempting to join a multiplayer session. 

Can I appeal? 

  • Yes, you can submit an appeal at this form to have your case re-reviewed by a human investigator.  

Are all bans permanent? 

  • Ban durations vary between temporary and permanent, depending on the severity of the case. 
  • Most bans are temporary and there are different durations of bans based on the severity and frequency of the abuse. 
  • Permanent bans are reserved for the most severe or recurring abuse. 

Why is this an account ban and not an individual server ban? 

  • There are serious forms of abuse that require broad action, part of which includes preventing the abuser from continuing their abuse in other spaces. 

Will I get banned without my case being reviewed by a human?  

  • No. Our team of human moderators handle player reports. This team is dedicated to Minecraft, and familiar with the community, platform, and lore. Our team reviews every report before any action is taken.

False Bans & Abuse of the Feature 

Are you spying on my server? 

  • This system does not monitor chat – no chat messages are sent to us until a player decides to send a report. 

Is this a player-censoring chat filter? 

  • No. We are not censoring chat. This system does not prevent any chat messages from being sent. 

Can someone create a report without evidence? 

  • Reporters must select offending chat messages as well as a report category to create a report. 

Can my messages be taken out of context in a report? 

  • When a report is sent, surrounding chat lines are sent along with the reported messages to give our investigators more context of what was going on in the game. 

What about the context of in-game actions beyond chat? 

  • Our investigators are trained specifically for Minecraft and are aware that the chat is made in the context of a game that involves combat-related chat. 

What technical measures are there to prevent messages being forged? 

  • 1.19 introduced cryptographically signed chat, which prevents the forging and/or rearranging of player messages. Any message that has been forged will be flagged for our investigators. 

Will I be automatically banned if I am reported by a lot of players? What about creators or famous individuals getting targeted? 

  • The volume of reports does not correspond to an automated action being taken on a report. The reported chat evidence is always the basis of any action. The volume of reports does not constitute as more evidence. 
  • Players are responsible for the reports that they create, and abuse of the player reporting system can lead to temporary or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the abuse. 

What if someone creates a mod that spams/fakes reports? 

  • Abuse of the report system with multiple/fake reports will result in action taken against the reporter including temporary or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the abuse. 
  • Reports cannot be anonymous, and they must contain valid evidence of an abusive chat message from within the game, and a category for that abuse. 
  • Players are responsible for the reports that they create, and abuse of the player reporting system can lead to temporary or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the abuse. 

But what if somebody gains access to my account? 

  • Unfortunately, if an attacker has gained access to your account, we would not be able to distinguish between you and them. That’s why it’s important to enable 2FA, use a strong password for your account, and don’t install untrusted mods or programs. 

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