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Our Commitment to Player Safety


We hold ourselves accountable for making Minecraft as safe as possible for everyone.

Our games bring millions of players together from all over the world, all united by the goal of crafting, exploring, and having fun.  That’s why it’s so important that our games are a safe and welcoming place for all players.

Player Safety

The goal of Player Safety is to enable players to enjoy an online game and express themselves while being safe from abuse and other harmful behaviors. Player Safety includes technical and human approaches, tools, and processes.


Our Safety Approach

We take a holistic approach to Player Safety, combining the best available tools and processes with a highly trained and dedicated team of passionate people that work every day to celebrate and protect our community’s creativity and passion while ensuring interactions remain safe.

Let’s look at the tools and processes we have in place to protect our players and community: parental controls, community guidelines, proactive moderation, player abuse reporting, and human moderation. We will also look at what’s next in our Player Safety journey.

Prevention and Proactive Action

Parental Controls

Since the migration of all Minecraft and Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts, both Bedrock and Java game clients benefit from increased account security, including the ability to activate two-factor authentication, which makes it much harder for intruders to access your account.

Also, Microsoft accounts benefit from parental controls that empower parents to choose what their kids can do in Minecraft online experiences, including what they can access, and who can they chat with.

Visit this page to learn about configuring parental controls for the Bedrock Minecraft client, including mobile devices, consoles, and Windows 10.

Visit this page to learn about configuring parental controls for Minecraft: Java Edition.


Community Guidelines

To ensure players have the same inclusive and welcoming game experience when playing any of our games under the Minecraft franchise, we leverage the Community Standards for Minecraft and Xbox.

They set the tone and values of the expected experiences and interactions in our games.


Proactive Moderation

For Bedrock and Java Realms as well as partnered Bedrock servers, we leverage an automated proactive chat filtering system.

We use it to classify, filter, and escalate online harms for human review and moderation to promote safe and welcoming interactions on Minecraft games. That includes behaviors such as harassment, abuse, and hate speech.

Human Approaches

We believe Player Safety is an area that benefits the industry and larger gaming community. That’s why we are committed to partnering with our friends at Xbox Game Studios, our community, organizations, and researchers in the space of Player Safety, regulators, and law enforcement. 

Player Abuse Reporting

The goal of having effective and intuitive Player Reporting mechanisms in our games is to empower the community to let us know when harmful behavior is taking place and getting in the way of the fun and intended experiences in Minecraft.

There are different ways to file a report. Players can fill out the report a concern form to report a player in Minecraft and they can report a player for abusive messages in the Minecraft Java and Bedrock game clients.

For more information about Player Reporting in the Java game client, see this article and the Reporting FAQ.

*If you are aware of a server that is violating our Community Guidelines, you can report them here.


Human Moderation

No Player Safety system can fully and efficiently protect players without human moderators, which is why we invest heavily in building a team that has the best interest of the Minecraft community at heart.

To best facilitate a safe and welcoming community for our players, we have a team of dedicated and passionate moderators and investigators that work in partnership with Xbox’s Gaming Safety Team. This team is empowered with specialized knowledge of the Minecraft community and gaming environment, to review user-generated content and act on verified instances of unwelcoming, harmful, or in some cases, dangerous content.

We understand that all of us can learn from our experiences and mistakes. That’s why we are focused on creating systems that guide players to better understand our community guidelines and the intended in-game experiences. We want our players to continue playing Minecraft in a safe way.

Of course, no system is a perfect system, which is why on this player safety journey, we will continue to learn and grow with our community. We put safeguards in place such as the appeals process for when players feel there was an error.


What’s Next

We want Minecraft to be a safe place for everyone, that’s why we’ve added several Player Safety features to the game and will continue to improve our systems as well as create new safety resources.

We also recognize that we are all on this together. We greatly value the feedback from our community and will always be open to making improvements to our system. Player Safety involves everyone. While we have achieved a lot as a community in this area, we understand that it will take time to realize our full Player Safety vision.

Here are some examples of areas we are exploring to build upon existing materials and processes:

  • Player Safety educational initiatives and resources. Here’s an example of an existing resource - CyberCraft: Home Sweet Hmmm. This is a one-hour, fun, and creative introduction to a safer and better internet and the principles of digital identity, online safety, and privacy.
  • Parent and child account improvements
  • New safety tools for server owners
  • Collaborating with researchers in the space of online behavior
  • And much more!

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