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Xbox Minecraft Performance Update Details

As of October 5th, players on the Xbox versions of Minecraft will begin receiving an update that improves game performance, alongside a few other changes. This update is rolling out in phases, and some users (such as insiders in the Omega ring) will have received the update before October 5th.

Note: It may take a few weeks for you to receive the update, so if you don't have it on October 5th, please wait a few weeks before contacting Minecraft Support.

What can I do to help the update process move smoothly?

Free up your storage disk space to 90% or more. Deleting unused or duplicate worlds can help clear up some space. Whatever you do, make sure that you DO NOT uninstall Minecraft, or your data might be lost forever.

What changes will I notice when updating to this new version? 

  • This update will take a little longer than previous ones, as we’re transferring your world files to the new game version.
    • Note: If you’re experiencing an install problem while this update is being processed, DO NOT UNINSTALL MINECRAFT, especially if you have more than 4GB of saved data. You might lose your data if you uninstall the game during this time.
  • If your storage disk is too full, you might experience a warning before the update proceeds.
  • When updated, you will see two versions of Minecraft in your ‘All Games’ view on your Xbox. Installing either version of the game will work.
  • Once the update is done, you should experience slightly better performance! 

Should you happen to see two game tiles and will be deleting one, please follow the steps below and delete the one that does not list GDK. In order for the game to run properly with the update, you need to use the GDK version. To check your Minecraft version, please follow the steps below.

How do I Check my Minecraft Version?

Follow these steps to ensure your Minecraft version is up to date.

  1. Navigate to Minecraft in your Xbox Game Library.
  2. Press 'Start' and select 'Manage game and add-ons'blobid3.png
  3. Select 'File Info'blobid4.png
  4. Ensure your AppModel line matches the one in the image below.blobid5.png

If you experience any bugs while playing, please report them through our official bug reporting tool. 

Last Updated - 2023-02-05 20:12:11 UTC

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